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The Sanden SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater is a highly energy efficient alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – saving energy, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


A green building innovation for high-performance, ultra-efficient hot water

  • Greater first hour rating than all heat pump water heaters
  • Up to 70% energy bill savings
  • Operates in climates down to -15°F
  • 165°F delivered hot water temperature
  • Easy install: only water piping connections between components
  • Available in 43- and 83-gallon tank options
  • Scalable and configurable for a variety of demand/availability needs
  • Tank constructed of corrosion-resistant glass-lined stainless steel

2‑piece split system: heat pump installed outdoors; tank indoors, (up to 50 feet away)



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Product Brochure & Specifications Adobe PDF icon  »

Read more about the money- and energy-saving features and benefits of the SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater. Includes product specifications.

Energy Guide Label, 43-Gal. Tank  Adobe PDF icon  »
Model No. GS3-45HPA-US & SAN-43SSAQA

Energy Guide Label, 83-Gal. Tank  Adobe PDF icon  »
Model No. GS3-45HPA-US & SAN-83SSAQA

Energy Guide Label, 119-Gal. Tank  Adobe PDF icon  »
Model No. GS3-45HPA-US & SAN-119GLBK

See the estimated yearly operating cost for the SANCO2 compared with other similar models, along with estimated yearly energy use.

SANCO2 Water Heater selected for use in Seattle Passive House

Architects Hammer and Hand, a regional and national leader in high performance green building, recently selected the SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heater as the combined heating solution, providing both Domestic Hot Water and Space Heating, in a recent project in Seattle, WA.


Laboratory Assessment of Sanden Heat Pump Water Heater Adobe PDF icon  »

Update on Advanced Heat Pump Water Heater Research Adobe PDF icon  »

Review research by Washington State University (2013), along with an update presented at the North American Passive House Conference in 2015.

Technical Information Booklet Adobe PDF icon  »

Comprehensive guide to the SANCO2 heat pump water heater, including information regarding residential, multi-family buildings, light commercial and combined heat/hot water installations; operation, recovery and efficiency specifications; installation tips; control modes and error codes; and maintenance and warranty instructions.


Installation Manual Adobe PDF icon  »

Learn about installation options, water piping and electrical hookups, system set up and more. Technical specifications and error codes included.


Owner's Manual Adobe PDF icon  »

The place to find information on safety precautions, installation requirements, care and maintenance guidelines, troubleshooting tips and warranty information.

Locate Product Model Number & Serial Number Adobe PDF icon  »

Where to find the information you need to register your product.

Register Your Product »

Help us contact you in the unlikely event a safety notification or warranty service is required, and get faster assistance should you ever need technical support.

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A Limited Warranty applies to your Sanden product. Full Warranty terms and conditions can be found in your Owner's Manual (see above).